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martes, 26 de junio de 2012

What do u think??

Hey! It's Daniela, I'm a normal girl, I like facebook, twitter, messenger, chat, music (rap, pop, rock, etc), I like get out with friends, sing, sports (bakestball, volleyball, etc), have fun, but I found than I love reading, too. Reading take u to another world (one Direction I luv this boyband :P) , really it's amazin' when u read u can find ur self on this, it's like u dunno 'bout the time, 'bout the day, 'bout the month or 'bout the year it's just u -n- reading, just a way to go to differents dimensions.
U can say "but it's like watch a movie", but not, it's not the same, when u watch a movie u see all that's happenin' but with the actors, but when u're readin' u can be into  the character, be whoever in the book, it's like u can live it, and that's the beautiful 'bout reading ;)
I would like than u tell me what do u think 'bout this? 'bout reading? ;)

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